Palm Springs Street Fair

I wandered down the 8 blocks or so of the street fair looking for the very best food option. Turns out the best looking food to me was the hamburgers they were frying right in front of the hotel. Nothing like a fresh grilled-outdoors cheeseburger. The fact that I had been smelling them since they set up earlier in the evening may have influenced my choice. I sat on my balcony and ate it and watched the line for hamburgers get longer.

I bought a casual tunic length shirt at a little boutique that was open just off the street fair. It has line drawings of cathedrals and other architectural facades on the front that reminds me of Europe. The otherwise white shirt has botches of purple and pink and yellow and blue for a festive look. And it has large front pockets. I spent way too much but the shirt makes me smile and will be a good memory of Palm Springs.

As I walked through the street fair there were a number of street performances going on – a guy singing ballads, a high school band ensemble playing pop tunes for example. I stopped to listen for a minute at each and enjoyed them. But set up across from the hotel was a drum line. Nothing else but drums and not enough to create a tune. But everything wrapped up by 8:30 pm so I had a peaceful sleep.