Tucson (Arizona) Botanical Gardens

I went to Tucson a day and a half early. On Saturday I visited the Tucson Botanical Gardens. It was 8 miles from my hotel but took 45 minutes by bus. I think it is always fun to ride the mass transit in a new city. You get to see things in a different way from the way the city wants tourists to see it. I was happily surprised to find out the buses were free. The bus route went by the Amazon distribution center there. It was HUGE! One nice thing I saw on the bus: a young man got on the bus without a mask and immediately asked if anyone had a mask and a middle aged woman immediately handed him one. I was reminded everywhere we are all going through this COVID mess together.

I used this garden as an overview of what I was going to be seeing throughout the week. This garden showed plants from other desert areas of the world. I learned all cacti are succulents but NOT all succulents are cacti. To be classified as a cacti a plant must have small, cushion-like structures called areoles that grow spines, glochids (hair-like, barbed bristles), stems or flowers. Succulents are “any plant with thick fleshy tissues adapted to water storage.”

Since I have been planning a replant of my patio garden I was happy to see many sample gardens all through this Botanical Garden. Below are some ideas I captured to inspire me. Maybe you would want to use some of these ideas yourself. If not, they will still remind you that spring is coming.

Parting shots:


  1. Pam, please review your post – it appears that the punctuation (spaces between words) have been overlooked?
    Also, your comment that all cacti ARE succulents, but NOT ALL succulents are cacti. Maybe I read this wrong, but that bears looking at and perhaps and edit from you, too. It is fun to read all you saw! I’m so glad the plants inspired you to do more in your own garden. You can bet the AZ plants are more drought tolerant than most other plants we typically landscape with! Congrats on another grand adventure, Suzanne W.


    • Thanks! I definitely left out the NOT and have just updated. I can’t find where I have made a mistake in punctuation but by this time I have read the thing so many times I’m tired of it and won’t see it. I’ll go back in a week or so to see if I can see what you mean.


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