Rosy Tomorrows – On the Farm Restaurant – Fort Myers, Florida

Sunday brunch we went to a farm to table restaurant, Rosy Tomorrows, just outside Fort Myers. The restaurant was actually on the farm – so before or after the meal guests can wander around the farm and visit the cows, ducks, chickens, pigs that will provide ingredients or will become the meal soon.

This is a true destination restaurant. You could reasonably plan a long weekend around a meal here if you are a foodie. It isn’t for everyone. It’s not “fine dining” but they had a wine and cocktail list and the menu selections were interesting. It was hard deciding on just one entree. One item I wish we could have ordered for the three of us was a charcuterie and cheese plate featuring their products or other artisan providers but dessert was more important and we couldn’t have eaten it all.

The restaurant reminded me of a screened-in patio with long tables and a ceiling fan. Individual parties shared tables. There was a two-person band providing musical entertainment. Outside the restaurant was a patio with chairs around a fire pit and otherwise scattered around to sit while waiting for dinner or while waiting for your meal to settle. While sitting in the restaurant you could see the farm itself. You might be wondering about the smells of a farm but all I smelled was the enticing food scents.

The food was creative and well prepared.

On the Farm…

Just as Angela and I go to the Wisteria Tea Room every time I visit Fort Myers I think we will now also have at least one meal at Rosy Tomorrows.