San Antonio, Texas: Day of the Dead Parade on the River

I just happened to be in San Antonio over the Day of the Dead celebration so I lucked into additional things to see in San Antonio I had not anticipated. For example, the Day of the Dead skulls outdoor art scattered around San Antonio and the Creative Souls exhibition by the Huichol Mexicans at the Briscoe (see previous posts). I also lucked into getting to see the Day of the Dead Parade. San Antonio has been hosting a Christmas Parade on the River for years using barges but this was the first time they tried it on Day of the Dead.

The parade did bring a lot of people out to the restaurants on the river. All of the tables were reserved so unless you made reservations you weren’t going to eat until after the parade. San Antonio also sold fold up seats in certain areas along the river for those who wanted a great space without going early and were willing to pay the price. I didn’t do either so I went early and walked around until I found the perfect place.

A couple comments about the floats: the butterflies (yellow) close and open and light and go dark – it was my favorite float but hard to take a picture of; the “loteria” is actually a BINGO game – the squares are not lettered/numbered but are pictures of everyday things with the word below – they are used to help children (and adults) read (I bought a set of cards in Mexico); the float that has the skull on the back of the boat (orange) was sponsored by a canning company – the skull is made of cans; the float with the agave plants was sponsored by a tequila company; the float with the fence had a large bull inside the fence – it was sponsored by a rodeo competition; the little girl with the light saber was watching her phone more than the parade.