San Antonio, Texas: The Pearl

The Pearl is an entertainment complex built around an old brewery, Pearl, that operated here from 1883 to 2001. Pearl is now made in Fort Worth, Texas and is available on site.

The Hotel Emma is the high end (think $380/night) hotel at the entertainment complex. An outdoor bar overlooks the boat landing. It offers a beautiful view of a waterfall and the ducks playing in the water.

The Pearl holds a Farmer’s Market each weekend. They advertise 45 vendors all within an 150-mile radius. There is a Culinary Institute of America in the complex that emphasizes Latin American cuisine. There are about 9 restaurants, 6 bars, a coffee bar, bakery, and ice cream shop in one of the four or five major renovated brewery buildings. There are also a dozen or so upscale shops and a dozen or so businesses housed in the complex.

The informal restaurants are in the Bottling Department that houses a food court with tables both inside and out. Other restaurants and most of the business are housed in the old brewery Administration building.

There was a large grassy area and fountain in the middle of the complex. It was being set up for a concert to be held later in the day.

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  1. I can see why you love San Antonio, Pam. Your photos of the Pearl district are really enticing! Thanks for sharing them.
    Janice (from the Big Bend group)


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