San Antonio, Texas: River Walk

I had visited San Antonio many years ago and remember enjoying the River Walk, which is one of the reasons I wanted to add San Antonio to this trip. San Antonio has since developed many more miles of the river. The central area of the River Walk, the area of the shops, hotels and restaurants was not much different from when I was there before. I walked most of that on Monday afternoon.

On Friday I took a boat trip on the extended part of the riverwalk. New, expensive development has grown up along the river as the channel was cleaned up and walkways were built. The river flows under many bridges that have been specially designed to be attractive from the river. Landscape extends from the condos and apartments buildings down to the riverside walkway. The central section of the river walk was being prepared for the Day of the Dead Parade to be Friday night.

The river passes by the Briscoe Western Art Museum (see picture below with bronze sculpture of a cattle drive), the Southwest School of Art, the Performing Art Center and the San Antonio Museum of Art among many other points of interest. The boats must lock through one lock on the river. It raises and lowers the river about 7 foot. The river extends to an entertainment complex called “The Pearl”. It was being prepared for Day of the Dead celebrations to be held later in the day. That will be my next post.