Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountain National Park is almost adjacent to Carlsbad Caverns National Park. After we saw Carlsbad Caverns (previous post) on Friday afternoon we bused to our hotel for the night in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

We had been to the Frijole Ranch Historical section of Guadalupe NP on Friday for lunch on our way to Carlsbad. On Saturday morning we bused to the Pine Springs Visitor Center. The hike for the day was to be a 4.8 mile rated “moderate”. Two of the other women stayed at the Visitor Center and I stayed with them. I wanted to work on the blog and just wasn’t feeling up to that long a hike. I’m so glad this Road Scholar trip was set up with options! The wifi was so bad at the Visitor Center I didn’t get a lot published but I did enjoy walking around the area.

The largest peak in Texas, Guadalupe Peak, at 8751 ft. is in the Guadalupe Mountains.

When the rest of the group finished their hike and returned to the Visitor’s Center we went directly to the restaurant in El Paso we had ordered our meals from the previous day to save time. We were running late and with Saturday traffic didn’t have time to cross town to the hotel and return. We had dinner at Carlos and Mickey’s. It has been serving Mexican dishes for 65 years. It was obviously one of THE places in El Paso to celebrate. There were many large groups there that night. We were in a hurry but this is definitely somewhere to come back to.

So this was our final night. We said our goodbyes and all too quickly it was over and I was on my way to San Antonio.