Driving to Carlsbad Caverns

Friday was our last morning at Longhorn Ranch. We had a buffet breakfast each morning at 7 am. Tiger was in the parking lot every morning to welcome us and say good morning. I miss my Polly cat. At night I sometimes reach over to pet her but she is not there. Tiger is certainly more active than Polly but it is nice to get to interact with a cat and helps a little with my homesickness for Polly.

As every other morning we piled into the vans (although this time with our luggage) and were away by 8 am. This Road Scholar group, as with most I’ve traveled with, was punctual, respectful of other people’s time.

On the way we drove US Highway 90 through the artsy town of Marfa. Outside of town were two “art displays” of note. First, giant billboard sized cut outs of Giant characters. That’s Giant the movie, which was filmed here. And then further up the road was a Prada storefront. Stocked with Prada shoes and bags. You might note there is only one shoe on display. Urban legend says that is because vandals kept breaking in and stealing the shoes so they only display one. Loving couples put locks on the surrounding chain link fence. I guess throwing a key out into the desert is about as permanent as throwing it into the Seine.

We stopped at the Prada store not just to look but also for a bathroom break across the highway. Boys used the shrubs on the left and girls on the right.

Because we had a fairly long drive today Erica/Erin kept us out of trouble by showing movies in the van. This was Geronimo I am watching here. Some opted to sleep. Us movie people had personal listening devices so as not to bother the others. This is one of two vans. Each of us got a seat by ourselves and the luggage went in the back of the larger van. They also carried plenty of water, in addition to the water each of us was to bring. Erin/Erica also had to bring along the makings of our picnic lunches.