Crossing into Ojinaga, Mexico for lunch and shopping

After our canyon hike we loaded into the small vans and crossed the border into Ojinaga, Mexico (OJ for short). Going INTO Mexico is no big deal. Getting back in we presented our passports, the security agent glanced at all of us, handed each passport back, comparing the picture to the person, and waved us through.

We had lunch at a very nice Mexican restaurant, Lobby’s. I had carne con queso, beef with cheese and warm corn tacos with rice. The serving was huge – it made four tacos – and yes, I ate them all, leaving a small amount of the rice. Yum! I also had iced tea. More on that in a couple days.

After lunch we went to the Ojinaga main square and then wandered around the area poking into a few shops. Ojinaga is the “big city” for both sides of the border in this area. It is where Erin and Erica go to shop every couple weeks. It was a fairly vibrant city. Some store fronts were closed up, as in a lot of US cities, but for the most part it looked prosperous. I felt safe and think I would have even if I hadn’t been with the group.

We also stopped at a supermarket so Erica could pick up items for lunch on Friday. The supermarket was very well stocked, better than a lot of similar sized towns in the US. Erica bought jicama, which I love. She is going to make it for tomorrow with lime and salt. I’ve used it in slaw before. It is tasteless itself but takes on the taste of whatever it is dressed with and adds a great crunch.

Above: 1.) Crossing the Rio Grande, the real border between the US and Mexico is the deepest part of the river. That is forever shifting. 2 and 4.) Great lunch at Lobby’s. 3.) Church on main plaza of Ojinaga 5.) Main plaza of Ojinaga 6.) A government building on the main plaza 7. and 8.) Newstand on one of the corners of the main plaza 9.) We all did a double take and rushed for our cameras when we saw this car with a wheelbarrow on top and a hard hat hanging on precariously. 10.) a pharmacy 11. and 12.) a shop selling boots, belts and hats 13.) a shop selling grave markers 14, 15 and 16.) a shop selling pinatas and things to stuff them with – I bought a bunch of Mexican bingo cards here – they use pictures instead of numbers 17.) the fruit market was closed for siesta 18, 19, 20, 21.) bakery – Erica (maybe Erin) buying items for us to snack on later – the smell was incredible! 22.) Supermarket – very similar to ones in the US 23.) Bimbo bread – there is a back story here – when Steve and I went to Costa Rica years ago we kept seeing ads and trucks for Bimbo bread and we would laugh wondering, why “Bimbo” would be used to market any item, let alone bread??? Now I’ve seen Bimbo bread in supermarkets all along the border and every time I see it I think of that Costa Rica trip. There was a Bimbo Bread logo balloon in the Balloon Fiesta. It looks a lot like the Pillsbury Doughboy. 24.) This shop was selling either ice cream or smoothies. It was on the main plaza 25.) A nail salon.

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  1. Your photos capture Ojinaga so well, Pam! You make me see it with more appreciation (I was hot and out of sorts that day). You’ve definitely got the right spirit for a traveler!


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