Big Bend State Park: Hoodoos Trail

Before we returned “home” to the Longhorn Ranch Motel we stopped at Big Bend State Park, which is adjacent to the National Park, to hike Hoodoo Trail. This was to be our last hike in the Big Bend area. Tomorrow we move on.

I was lazy and decided to stay at the top at the trail head. There was a covered picnic table there and the sun was shining and there was a nice breeze and I could see almost forever from there. I also got a good view of my Road Scholar friends picking their ways across the rocks until they moved along the river and out of view. And then I wished I was with them.

When everyone got back up to the top we sampled the bakery yummies. I specifically remember a ginger flavored cake and a sugar bun but there were several other choices and I had a taste of each one.

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  1. It was a hot day as I recall, but on the trail I saw an ant carrying off some white fluff from a ground-hugging plant. I believe Erica had told us earlier in Big Bend that that was a sign of a hard winter to come. I’ll try to remember to check the weather online over the next couple months to see how good the ants are at forecasting!


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