Big Bend National Park: Chisos Basin

The scheduled hike for today (Wednesday) was the “Lost Mine Trail”, a 4.8 mile hike listed as “challenging”. Thankfully, this Road Scholar trip was a “Go at Your Own Pace” and we had options. I decided to opt for going to the Visitor’s Center and doing short hikes around it. Three other women made the same decision. They went on a 2-mile hike and I tried to work on the blog from the patio of the restaurant but the WiFi wasn’t fast enough to upload photos so I just sat and enjoyed the view and the sun.

After I ate lunch at the restaurant (which was horrible and had more flies inside than outside) I headed down to the Visitor’s Center. On the way a black bear cub ran across my path about 50 foot ahead of me and stopped just off the path to sniff around a tree. There were several people coming up the path from the other direction so a crowd gathered quickly. I took a look around for mama but didn’t see her so I watched him until he ran up the hill. Of course, I didn’t have a camera or a phone.

When the rest of the group got back we went for a short hike out to an observation point that allowed great views of The Window. Erica, or maybe Erin, took pictures of each of us at The Window.