International Folk Museum, Santa Fe

Wednesday before lunch we went to Museum Hill to see the International Folk Museum. We were there for a little over an hour and could have been there half a day or more. There was so much cool stuff to see. This museum showcased hand-made crafts from around the world.


1.) Mother and child tea cozy from former USSR ca. 1960 and Boy and dogs by Steiff ca. 1910 2.) Rag Dolls from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India ca. 1950 3.) Navajo dolls from Arizona and New Mexico, USA, ca. 1960 4.) Knitted dolls from Titicaca area of Peru ca. 1958 5.) Ivory-faced dolls from Greenland 20th century and Beaded dolls, Canadian Athapaskan Indian 20th century 6.) Cowboy rag dolls by Emily Edwards from San Antonio 20th century 7.) Morocco – dress of Berbers of the High Atlas Mountains ca. 1960 8.) Straw doll from Ecuador ca. 1960 9.) Dolls by Guiliana Schlatter from Florence, Italy ca. 1970 10.) Rag dolls from Puebla, Mexico ca. 1960 11.) Dolls from Kenya and South Africa ca. 1965 12.) Black rag doll, USA, 19th – 20th century 13. and 14.) Two dolls from Hungary after 1920 15.) Straw dolls from Ukraine, ca. 1960 16.) Dolls from West Africa ca. 1960 17.) Eskimo dolls from Bethel, Alaska ca. 1970


Above: Top Row – Dance Masks of Mexico, 20th century; Lower Row – Dance Masks of Guatemala, 20th century


Above: Decorations to honor the dead Top Row: Mourning Embroidery, Portland, Maine, US, 1870 and Cut-Paper Memorial to Richard and Thomas W. Green, US, 1864 Lower Row: Grave ornaments found in the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. Since they are white they are likely for a child’s grave.

BELOW: SAMPLERS, Europe 1650 – 1850 – especially note the lower left hand one that shows: Windsor Castle, Buckminster Chapel, Westminster Abbey and Saint Paul’s Church – Incredible!

MEXICAN VILLAGE – So much to look at!

A Mexican Village done in earthenware most pieces made by Heron’ Martinez Mendoza in Acatlan de Osorio Puebla, Mexico, 20th century Close-Up details from the Village below


Pueblo Feast Day Close-up details below

19th Century American Town – This village is filled with some of the most common and popular toys of the 19th century.