Made it to Albuquerque

Sunday I checked into my hotel and since my room wasn’t ready I did a bit of shopping/looking in Old Town Albuquerque. I walked down to the old town square. A Mexican band was playing and people were dancing in the park. The church yard had a grill set up and someone appeared to be selling tacos. I got a whiff of grilled meat and pepper smell. Even though I had just had lunch I was suddenly hungry again. With all the balloonists and visitors for the Balloon Fiesta there was a big party going on.

When I went back to my hotel I was able to get my room and meet my roommate. Once more I’ve lucked out in Road Scholars share-a-room program (avoids single supplement fee). Then I went down to the lobby to sign into the Road Scholar program, meet the people that I will be traveling with the next 5 days and have a buffet dinner. My roommate mentioned watching Poldark on Sunday nights and it was just coming on when we got to the room. She crashed within the first 10 minutes (she had been flying or airport sitting all day). I did make it through the hour and then crashed.