El Morro National Monument

After seeing the Uranium Mining Museum on Friday I drove out to see El Morro National Monument (about an hour’s drive from my hotel).

200 foot tall sandstone bluff “El Morro” on the left

A 200 foot high sandstone bluff rises over the valley. A perpetually filled pool sits at its base. The Zuni Indians called the bluff “Atsinna” or “the place of writings on the rock”. The Spaniards called it “El Morro” – “The Headlands”. The American settlers called it “Inscription Rock”. Many of the Zunis, Spanish and Americans stopping at the oasis left their mark or thoughts on the rock until 1906 when federal law prohibited further carving. There were about 2000 carvings on the wall. I have included a few. It was fun trying to find them and trying to figure out what they say. There was a small guide to the inscriptions available in the Visitor’s Center.

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