Route 66 – Amarillo, Texas The Big Texas Cadillac Ranch

The Big Texan is a steak restaurant. It is best known as the “Home of the FREE 72 oz steak”. Of course, the catch is you have to eat all 72 oz. PLUS shrimp cocktail, salad, baked potato and bread – all in one hour. If you can’t do it YOU pay for meal.

I had lunch there today and I struggled with an 8 oz. steak, salad, sweet potato and rolls. I also made the mistake of ordering a slice of carrot cake. I may be eating it for the next week.

Cadillac Ranch is a Route 66 Roadside Attraction just 10 miles west of Amarillo. Historically visitors to Cadillac Ranch bring spray paint and leave their mark on the cars. It was very, very windy when I was there. I stayed far away from those spraying. I was concerned I would get sprayed instead of the cars.