Driving Amarillo, TX to Grants, NM

Today (Tuesday) I had a l-o-n-g drive (361 miles). I was going to spend Tuesday night camping at Palo Canyon State Park (Texas) an hour south of Amarillo and spend somewhere on the road between Amarillo and Grants on Wednesday night but when I woke up Tuesday morning it was pouring rain so that ruled out hiking in Palo Canyon – instead I just took off driving heading to my next planned stop, Grants, New Mexico.

The speed limit in most areas of I-40 is 75 mph and the road is straight and level. It is an easy drive. Set the cruise control and go. If there was ever a place to test an intelligent vehicle this is it! There are a lot of trucks but they didn’t weave in and out of traffic so I didn’t have trouble with them. I didn’t experience any construction delays the entire drive. It was raining, sometimes hard, but my windshield wipers and defogger were working well.

The lady at the New Mexico Welcome Center suggested I take a short break at Russell’s Travel Center Museum at exit 369 off I-40. It was a fun collection of many vintage items. Very nostalgic and a nice break (and FREE!).

I also stopped in the Route 66 town of Tucumcari, New Mexico. It is rightfully proud of its murals. There are at least 33 murals across the county. I am showing 4 here and only found about a dozen. These are BIG, beautiful murals. Some are painted on buildings that span almost an entire block so I needed two or three shots for each mural. Even a stand alone portion gives you a flavor of the detail in these works of art. Most of the murals in the county and I believe all I show here are by Doug and Sharon Quarles. If you wish to visit Tucumcari and find all the murals maps are available at the Chamber of Commerce.

Between Albuquerque and Grants …