Route 66 – Acadia, Oklahoma

Sunday morning I drove about 20 minutes from my hotel in Oklahoma City to Acadia to see a couple Route 66 Roadside Attractions. I started with breakfast at Pops. Pops advertises as “Food, Fuel and Fizz” and I got all three. Pops claims it has 600 types of “pop” in stock. I doubt they have that many options – they may be counting the kinds on display, such as Jolt, that has been discontinued – but they do have a lot. I bought 2 bottles of 6 different kinds of root beer. For Christmas my family will have a “root beer tasting” to see which kind we like best.

Pops also had a lunch counter where I had breakfast. They will make floats out of any kind of “pop” you want – I was satisfied with a basic breakfast. They also carried classic candy, some I hadn’t seen for awhile – Sugar Daddy, Turkish Taffy, Black Cow, Slo Poke, Chuckles and Pop Rocks, just to name a few. The whole place was so nostalgic.

A few miles further on Route 66 was the Arcadia Round Barn. The barn was built in 1898 by William Odor. It was restored (see middle picture, 2nd row below) in 1992. There is a shop and a small museum, about the barn, on the first floor and the second floor is used to hold dances and wedding receptions. They do not have to use the outhouse, shown here, there are flush toilets next to the barn. The outhouse, a double-holer, was moved here from the Bright Day Lodge on Main Street in Arcadia.