Route 66 – Cuba, Missouri

I didn’t have a reservation for Wednesday night so after I visited the Sculpture Garden I consulted my handy Moon Route 66 Travel Guide and found an old motel that was still in business on Route 66. I was about an hour away but decided to just try my luck without making a reservation and WOW! I hit the jackpot with this one. Loved it, loved the little town of Cuba that it was in and loved the bar-b-que restaurant next door. What more does a girl need?

The only complaint I had about the motel was that the shower stall was so small and the water pressure so strong I couldn’t shave my legs.

Because my brother always asks about the food: pork loin with garlic and rosemary smoked with cherry wood (yes it was as great as it sounds), pulled beef brisket, sweet potato with brown sugar/butter and cinnamon, green beans and Texas toast. All FABULOUS! I did NOT have dessert.

The old gas pumps only allowed two digits so the price could not get more than $1.00. I noticed it was set at $0.30.

For those of you who may not know, Route 66 is a historic road that ran 2,448 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica, California. It was established in 1926 cobbling together existing local roadways and upgrading and connecting them as needed to create a continuous highway. It was known for being the route taken in the 30’s to get out of the “dust bowl” and head for dreamed-of prosperity in California. While there still are parts of Route 66 carrying traffic and maintained, a lot of it was absorbed into the interstate system or made redundant and torn up or left to decay. Because the old towns along the way still exist and the old architecture is sometimes still in place “Route 66” is a popular road to drive just for the fun of exploring and reminiscing about a simpler time. As I come across portions of Route 66 still in place along my route this trip I plan to stop and explore.

Cuba is known for its murals. There were about 20 throughout the downtown area, done by many different artists. Some are shown below.