Laumeier Sculpture Park

I had originally planned on spending a half day in St. Louis but as I tried to decide what I wanted to see I realized it deserved many days – not just a couple hours so I drove past the “downtown” part of St. Louis and visited the Laumeier Sculpture Park off I-44.

I enjoy sculpture parks. It is fun to wander around the park and “discover” the art. The pieces look different as you move around them so you actually have an interaction with the art. Plus I like to be outside. It was hot today -over 90 degrees but the humidity wasn’t high and there was a breeze in places and it was comfortable in the shade. I had a pleasant two hours or so there as a break from driving. I have included 20 sculptures that particular caught my interest. I have put the title of the work and the artist as captions that should show up on the blog site but may not pull across on Facebook.