Holland Michigan Tulip Festival

I went to the Tulip Festival in Holland, Michigan May 7 and 8, 2019. They hadn’t had a warm snap we had so some of the late bloomers hadn’t come out and none were past blooming. Looked good against the gray sky (NOT!). It was cold and windy but still nice to see some color.
Tulips filled all the flower boxes and green spaces in the downtown area. There was an area along the waterfront that displayed tulips in separate beds with the name of the type tulip planted there. Note the painted wooden shoes. Local companies supported local artists in creating these.

I also walked over to Windmill Island. There were shuttle buses that ran in a loop to all the “sights” in the area but the walk was through a marsh and was only a mile so I walked it.
At one time Windmill Island was where trade (swap) meets were held. Farmers brought their wares into town and sold them here.There were still a couple of tents selling homemade items. The windmill that is currently on site was shipped over from Holland. An American woman trained in Holland to run a flour mill oversees its operation. The windmill was given to the City of Holland by the country of Holland with the understanding it would remain open to the public and kept in operation.
There was a tent serving a Dutch buffet. It featured split pea soup so I passed in favor of a corn dog.
There was also a simulated Dutch town selling knick-knacks – mainly wooden shoes of every size and function (magnets, key chains, salt & pepper shakers, etc.).
About every 15 minutes a pipe organ would play a couple songs. “The Good Old Summertime” stuck in my head – even though it was only about 50 degrees.